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Paige Allen Tuesday 14th April 2015 Support Children with Disabilities and SEN

Units 215.2.2, 215.2.3, 215.3.1, 215.3.3, 215.3.4, 215.4.1, 215.4.2, 215.4.4, Implicit 215.4.3 & 215.1.5

Obtain an IEP/EHCP and use it as a case study. You should highlight and annotate certain areas and then complete a reflective account to show how it is used.

Give details of:
The nature of the particular disability and/or SEN.
The special provision required.
Where the information comes from (e.g. child/young person; family members; colleagues; external support agencies; other). What the barriers to participation are.
What you do to remove these barriers (including how you work with others such as e.g. child/young person; family members; colleagues; external support agencies; other). Adaptations that are made to the environment, the activities, the working practice and resources. How you support pupils in the use of specialist aids and equipment. Working in partnership with pupils and others to review ad improve the activities and experiences of this child/young person.

For the purpose of this unit I have created an EHCP.

The imaginary child in my EHCP will be known as 'Child A'.

Child A's EHCP
Name of child: Child A Last Name
Address: 123, Some Street, Somewhere, N0T R34L, Kent.
D.O.B: 11.03.08
Name of school: Primary School
NHS No.:123 456 789
Language: English
Ethnicity: White, British

Parents/Careers names: Mother and Father Last Name
Contact No.: 01234 567 890
Address: As Above

Is this child/young person looked after? No
Full Care Order, Interim Care Order or Section 20 N/A
Social Worker N/A
Contact number N/A
Email address N/A

All about Child A
Child A is not yet able to give his views directly, so this information has been provided by his parents and the professionals working with him. How have Child A and his family participated in the development of this plan? Child A’s parents attended a Family Meeting with EHC Caseworkers. Child A met with the Community Paediatrician and the Educational Psychologist as part of their respective assessments and observations of Child A. Child A’s parents have had regular contact with his current school. Child A’s story: Child A and his one older sister, Child B, all live at home with Mum and Dad. It was first noticed that Child A had additional needs when he started nursery, where he didn’t settle or mix with the other children. Child A was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in 2011; he also experiences a lot of difficulties with anxiety. While there are some things that are known triggers for the anxiety, such as being touched, it is often not clear what has caused it. This means that some of Child A’s behaviour, actions and reactions can also be inconsistent and unpredictable. (Reference K2) Child A’s views interests and aspirations:

Child A loves playing Minecraft. Using the computer, especially playing games, as well as being something Child A enjoys doing, can help him to calm down. He also loves drawing, especially dinosaurs. Child A likes to isolate himself when distressed to help him calm down. At home he will go somewhere (such as his bedroom) where he knows no-one else will be. Child A gets on very well with his paternal grandfather, who is known as ‘Gramps’, he enjoys going on the bus with him, though he would not enjoy this with other people. Child A is very talkative with Gramps. Child A does not like to be touched by people, including his sister, but doesn’t mind being touched by Mum and Dad. In order to reduce being touched, Child A will sit in the passenger seat of the car, while his sibling is in the back. Noise levels in the classroom are distressing for him, so he wears ear defenders. His distress at noise can lead to tantrums where he will scream and kick on the floor. (Reference K2) The...
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