Semiotic Analysis

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Oct 16, 2013
A Look Into The World Of “Grey’s Anatomy”
Many of us survive in what we call a state of fighter flight. Worried about what others think about us, what we think about ourselves, and how it will effect us in the long run. In the world of Grey’s Anatomy, not only do the doctors fear for the survival of their careers, but struggle with the constant relationship and surgical distractions that come at them everyday. While looking around all the trauma, and patient cases we can see the bigger picture of what really goes on behind the doors of what could be the most credited hospital on television. In show Grey’s Anatomy doctors are lifesavers; heroes that reside among us, but amongst all their doctorial practices also lay relationships, personal choices, and even a hierarchy that may or may not affect the workplace and those close to them.

Meredith Grey is one of the most respected and leading surgeons. As the title of the show suggest, the show revolves around her. She sets out on a personal quest to fulfill the legacy that her mother Elise Grey once had before her. In her first year as an intern as a doctor she makes choices that happen to affect her in the long run. Her long time fling becomes her husband, and her rivals become her friends. She finds her self-juggling between her career, friendships, and her more intimate relationships. Making ends meet she survives everyday with her best friend and colleague Christina Yang by her side.

As the show plays out each both Meredith and Christina face immense pressure from the other doctors. They also have their own feelings that affect how they act towards others. As each character is responsible for his or her field of study, each one begins to question her or his own ability. Starting from the lowest of the medical field they begin being devoted to their one purpose of study. Each doctor is responsible for saving the lives of each of the patients who come in everyday to the E.R. From practicing in the lab, to performing surgery, each doctor is faced with cases that could make or break their career. On top of that includes relationships with fellow doctors, nurses, and patients. When the shift ends each doctor makes his or her way to a local bar. The relationships of each and one of the characters expand as they continue to make talk with each other in their professional and personal ways.

The relationships play quite a vital role in the show. Not only that it makes the plot more interesting, but it also sets the show apart from other shows. Unlike most shows where it involves very few characters that interact with each other, Grey’s Anatomy gives us a huge selection of people to relate to. Each one of the characters is intertwined with each other. They change the course of the how the show plays out in each episode, and where the characters might end up. As we relate to the various sets of characters, we get attached to the characters. Not only the characters in the show have relationships with each other, but also as viewers we gain a closer understanding of the characters. Meredith is the center of the spider web, as her relationships change with other characters everyone else is affected. In one episode she decided to get married by using just a post-it note. Everyone else seems to question the idea of it, and it becomes clear that not everyone thinks it a legitimate way of tying the knot. Though it is her relationship with her fellow doctor Derek Shepard that keeps the story rolling. As the relationships unfold for each character it gives us a look into the lives and the bonds that doctors share with one another as they fight to survive in a small pond full of hungry sharks. Each one diving into each other’s conscious as they twist and turn trough life. Learning from each other, they either get in each other’s way to get closer to one another for their jobs sake, for friendship, or ultimately for more. No matter what the cause, the show...

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