Semiotic Analysis

Topics: Semiotics, Love, Meaning of life, Sign, Beauty and the Beast, Denotation / Pages: 4 (909 words) / Published: Oct 2nd, 2012
Lubna Khadija
Media, Culture and Ethics
Semitic Analysis Assignment

Semiotic analysis of ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Beauty and the beast is a Walt Disney fairytale animation as a remake of an old French movie, ‘La Belle et La Bete’ . The movie in itself is a conglomeration of symbolic signs, indexical signs, connotations, denotations, paradigmatic and syntagmatic relations all in one.

The animated movie contains various elements of signs, codes and myths in order to bring about a philosophical message to its audiences. The movie starts off with an old helpless lady knocking on a prince’s door for shelter. He refuses any help at his doorstep. Due to his unkindness he is magically turned into a beast, which we then find out, is the work of a fairy in disguise of the old lady at the prince’s door. She secondly, offers a rose which he refuses as well. The rose throughout the movie is a symbol of love, hope, fear, future, second chance and kindness. The fairy conditions that if he does not give love and receive it back by the time the rose withers completely, he will remain a beast for life.

Belle, who symbolizes the ‘rose’ in the beast’s life, comes across his place in an eventful night. She is the one who eventually frees him from the spell cast upon him by falling in love with his inner character and not appearances. He subsequently finds comfort in being with her and risks his life to save her In the ending scene where he finally turns back to his human self.

Semitic terms

Signs :
The characterization of the beast is in itself a sign of crudeness in various forms since each part of his beastly body is formed from a variety of acceptably ferocious animals in real. For example, the facial structure is of a mandrill, horns of a buffalo, the jaws, teeth and mane of a lion, tusks of a wild boar and leg and tail of a wolf. Each of these parts relates to a wild or dangerous trait. One other example is the rose that is a sign of love, hope,

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