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Topics: Food security, Poverty, Government of India Pages: 4 (1069 words) Published: August 26, 2013
A Two Day National Seminar
Food Security Ordinance 2013
Its Implications on Backward States

(September 11-12, 2013)

Institutional Initiatives
Food, Shelter and Clothes are three basic requirements which have been recognised for existence of a citizen of any country and society. The Constitution of India guarantees the Right to Life as one of the fundamental rights. It has been well recognised that food security is one of basic needs for ensuring the provision of the Right to Life. Many steps at the policy levels have been initiated after independence to ensure food security. Abolition of Zamindary System, Land Reforms, Ceiling Act and redistribution of land to the tillers were the most important initiatives in this direction. The First Five Year Plan of India accorded top priority to agriculture to increase production for the availability of food grains. The Public Distribution System under the Essential Commodity Act 1956 to Food Safety and Standard Act 2006 was put in place to ensure food security at subsidised rates to people. Administered Prices were introduced to check distress sales at the farm gates. The Food Corporation of India along with Central Warehousing Corporation and State Warehousing Corporation was put in place for procurement, storage, and distribution through various channels. Technology and Production

The Grow More Food Grains campaign under the banner of the Green Revolution Technology (HYV seeds, Irrigation, and Chemical Fertilizer with pesticides and weedicides) initiative was introduced to address the question of food shortage. Extension services through technical education and training were initiated towards transfer of technology. Irrigation network was increased which led to increased cropping intensity, crop substitution and diversification of agriculture. Uncritical and thumb rule use of chemical fertiliser, pesticides and weedicides not only increased the cost of production leading to non recoverable debt...
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