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Topics: Cookie, Frank Oz, Cookie Monster Pages: 8 (1759 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan For Cookie Monster And The Cookie Tree Level: Pre-school/Kindergarten
Subject: Reading

I. Objectives

A. To realize the value of sharing.
B. To realize that if you try hard enough, you will succeed. C. To describe the witch through a character profile.
D. To describe the cookie monster through a character profile. E. To state the cookie monster’s problem through a diary.
F. To write the conversation regarding an argument between the witch and the cookie tree. G. To make a certificate of recognition for cookie monster and the witch for learning how to share. H. To appreciate the author’s style by using speech bubbles in presenting the characters’ dialogues.

II. Selection:

Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree by David Korr
(Western Publishing Company Inc, 1977)

III. Materials:

book, flashcards for unlocking of difficulties,
activity posters, writing and coloring materials, timer

IV. Procedure:

A. Prereading

1. Unlocking of Difficulties

a. ridiculous – unbelievable, laughable
Last weekend, I went to see a magic show. The magician said he could turn a handkerchief into a rabbit. The audience did not believe him. They told him it was ridiculous and they all laughed. What do you think ridiculous means? Did the audience think he can really turn the handkerchief into a rabbit?

b. discouraged – hopeless
Even though the audience did not believe him, he still tried to do his trick. He waved his arms in the air but nothing happened. The audience just laughed at him and he felt discouraged. What do you think discouraged means? How do you think the magician felt? Do you think he felt confident that he could still do the trick?

c. cast a spell – say magic words
Then the magician remembered that he forgot to cast a spell on the handkerchief. He said, “Abracadabra” and it turned into a rabbit. What does cast a spell mean? What did the magician do? What kind of words did he say?

B. Motive and Motivation Questions:

1. Motivation Question:
Have you seen magicians do magic tricks? Can you name some of them?

2. Motive Question:
Let’s find out in the story what magic trick the witch will do.

C. Reading
What do you think the cookie monster will do? (page 8)

D. Post Reading 

1. Engagement Activities:

a. Character Profile – the group will enumerate the witch’s characteristics. b. Character Profile – the group will enumerate the cookie monster’s characteristics c. Diary – the group will state cookie monster’s problem d. Speech Bubble – the group will write the conversation regarding an argument between the witch and the cookie tree. e. Certificate of Recognition – the group will make a certificate for cookie monster and the witch for learning how to share.

2. Discussion:

Who was visiting a tree in the forest?
What kind of tree does she own?
How did the witch feel about the cookie tree?
Did she want to share it with anyone else? Why?
Who else came to the forest?
What is the cookie monster famous for?
When the witch saw the cookie monster, what did she do?
What kind of spell did she cast on the cookie tree?
What happened when the cookie monster saw the cookie tree?
What did the cookie tree tell the cookie monster?
What did the cookie monster do after talking to the cookie tree? How did the witch feel after the cookie monster left?
When cookie monster reached Sesame Street, what did he do?
Did his friends believe him? Why?
What do you think happened before when the cookie monster had cookies? Do you think he shared them with his friends? How did cookie monster feel when his friends did not believe him? While the cookie monster was with his friends, what was the witch doing? What can you say about the witch? What did she have in common with cookie monster? Did the cookie monster find anyone to share cookies with him? Why? If you were the cookie monster would you give up? Why?

What did the cookie monster decide to do?
What did he see when he...
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