Semi Barbaric Princess

Topics: Girl, Female, Boy Pages: 2 (855 words) Published: December 12, 2013
After reading this story, it is my opinion, based on the text quote below that the young man chose the door with the Lady behind it. Here is why.  The Princess can't bear to see the young man die at her instruction. "How her soul had burned in agony when she had seen him rush to meet that woman, with her flushing cheek and sparkling eye of triumph; when she had seen him lead her forth, his whole frame kindled with the joy of recovered life; when she had heard the glad shouts from the multitude, and the wild ringing of the happy bells; when she had seen the priest, with his joyous followers, advance to the couple, and make them man and wife before her very eyes; and when she had seen them walk away together upon their path of flowers, followed by the tremendous shouts of the hilarious multitude, in which her one despairing shriek was lost and drowned!" (Stockton) The Princess has gone through a great deal to discover the identity of the two doors.  She loves the young man, but she knows that she can never marry him.  The author gives us much more detail about the Princess's reaction to the marriage of the young man and the lady.  Even though she questions her decision, I think that she signaled him with the door where the lady stood,  because she loved him, and could not bear to lead him to his death.  She would be far more haunted by this ide a, knowing that she was responsible for him being torn apart by the tiger. With all due respect, I think #3 needs to look at the quoted section of text more closely. " How in her grievous reveries had she gnashed her teeth, and torn her hair, when she saw his start of rapturous delight as he opened the door of the lady!" The princess did not want him to find happiness with anyone else. She had a barbaric nature, and she knew that the beautiful young woman had cast glances upon her lover, and she had perceived those...
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