Semester Overview

Topics: Writing, Better, Essay Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Semester Overview
This semester has had its ups and downs for me. There were many times when my mind was telling me to give up on English and stop trying, but others times when I really had enjoyed writing. I feel that if I haven’t come into the semester with such a closed mind I could have learned a lot more valuable information. I still know that I have learned a lot of great things that have and will continue to help me become a successful writer. My writing portfolio as a whole is not as good I would like it to be. I feel that you will still be able to see my improvement as my writing goes on. Coming into this semester I was not a good writer and had no ambition to become one. Throughout the semester my views began to change, I was being to like writing and wanted to get better. I believe the reason for this was because I was improving, I wasn’t becoming the best writer but I could see myself making improvements. These improvements might not be seen in the actual writing itself, but that fact that I want to become a successful writer is an improvement to me. I feel that I have even grown as a writer this semester. I feel the main reason is because I do like writing now, I don’t have a love for it but I do enjoy putting the effort into writing decent papers. Another reason for my growth as a writer is because my better understand of the writing principles. I don’t have a full grasp on everything but believe if I keep working hard I can become the successful writer I want to be. I feel that will be illustrated by the entries I have picked to write about. My first writing choice is the essay about my own favorite place. I believe this is one of the first essays we have written. The assignment itself left a lot of room for your mind to explore and really describe your favorite place. Looking back I wish I would have done so. This essay shows some of my strengths as I start off well with a lot of great descriptive words. I also think it shows improvements. In...
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