Semai Culture

Topics: Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Malay Peninsula Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: April 22, 2011
Jada Griffin
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology/ ANT 101
Date April 22, 2011

The location of Semai, is a semi sedentary people living in the center of the Malay Peninsula Southeast Asia. The semai is a tribe that belongs to the Horticultural Society. While reading, this paper you will learn about the Semai Culture. You will understand what their economy is, their beliefs are, the social organization of that culture, and the gender relations. I will also, explain how they live, and how they raise their children. This is called ethnology and or ethnographies. At the end of the research, I will be comparing the Semai culture to the North American culture we will see how these two cultures are alike or different. It will be interesting to see how our culture compares to that of the Semai culture.

The Semai economies are most popular for their non-violence, and are gifted economy, known as the horticultural. There is no police, no courts no government as well. The adults in the semai community are in controlled primarily by the public opinion, however, there seems to be no authority here but embarrassment and no formal leaders. “The economics of the semai subsists on the cultivation of manioc and rice, plus fishing, hunting, and trade in so called minor forest products, such as rattan.” traditional Semai live in small, isolated camps on mountain slopes at high altitudes and grow mainly mountain rice, millet, and maize. Semai environments are characterized by pristine montana rainforest with numerous river-systems; surrounding with exceptionally rich biodiversity.
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