selling v/s marketing

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Selling V/s marketing
concepts of marketing myopia
Done by: group 3



• To increase sales revenue
• To improve and maintain image of the product
or the business
• To increase market share
• To target a new market
• Improve product awareness.

What is sales?

• To find prospective customers

• To convert these prospects to customers
• To keep them as satisfied customers

Difference between selling and marketing


Emphasis is on the product
Company Manufactures the
product first
Management is sales volume
Planning is short-run-oriented in
terms of today’s products and
Stresses on needs of seller

Emphasis on consumer needs
Company first determines
customers needs and wants and
then decides about the product
Management is profit oriented
Planning is long-run-oriented in
today’s products and terms of
new products, tomorrow’s
markets and future growth
Stresses on needs and wants of

Marketing myopia
• Written by Theodore Levitt in 1960
• Marketing myopia is a term used in marketing
as well as the title of the important marketing
written by the Thedore Levitt.
• Marketing myopia suggest that business will
do better in the end if they concentrate on
meeting customers,needs rather then on
selling products.

Why does it occur?
Error of analysis
• defining the industry, or a product, or a cluster
of know-how so narrowly as to ensure its
untimely ageing
• lacking some of the managerial
imaginativeness and audacity to make them

Fateful purposes:• Failure at the top management level where the decision making is done.
• The executives who deal with the policy
making and who document the objectives are
the ones responsible for this
• Executives myopic view of the industry or the
product often leads to reduction of scope of
the product as a whole


• Apple achieved notoriety because the music
industry refused to change the concept of
what business it was in and narrowly defined
itself instead of widening its reach through
• Apple used this preconception to its
advantage when it launched iTunes offering an
additional revenue stream to Napsterbattered music companies


• Inability to compete
• Reluctance to change with time
• Hindustan Motors also lost interest in the

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