Selling in weak economy

Topics: Sales, Economics, Unemployment Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: February 24, 2014
The selling process is a method that normally is really complex you have to develop several skills to make a good sale and most of the times this is not an easy task. And if that wasn’t enough another trouble to this process is that the salespeople have to face not only the buyers but the weak economy as well. As you know the economic situation in the USA right now is really weak you hear everywhere there are companies that are declaring themselves in bankruptcy, many people that are unemployed, prices going up etc. This affects people not only in their personal life but also in the professional side.

One of the persons that have suffered some impact is the salespeople and this is because nowadays the buyers have been affected by the economy so bad that the problem is not just money problem but also a psychological problem. Salespeople have to face more than a sale today it’s not just getting to close the deal but also to confront the fear each buyer have to the risk of losing certain amount of money during all this weak economy situation. On the other hand the seller is also been affected psychologically when they hear the negative news about what’s happening they feel like a normal person would do and start thinking about their jobs and how are they going to do to maintain their economic status.

Paul McCord is leader in prospecting and he says he has been through several recessions and that in most of the cases the salespeople “Tend to absorb those reports into our selling activities” (McCord, 2013). He states that the more the salespeople read negative news as they process it they also tend to think that because of this economic problem they will have a negative outcome in their job.

For all of these economic problems salespeople have been aware of the processes and techniques that they have to change and the ones they have to keep in order to keep up with the sales they are used to have. McCord mentions five “Musts” that helps the salespeople...

References: McCord, Paul. The Premier Community for Sales Pro. (2013). Selling in a Weak economy. Retrieved October 4, 2013 from
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