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Selfishness: Short Story and Lottery Ticket

By youngsang1o1 Dec 03, 2013 399 Words
Many people are greatly affected by selfishness every day. It affects people in many different ways because it brings out anger and hatred. The act of selfishness can lead to careless and cruel behaviors.

Selfishness is leading to careless and cruel behavior, which is visible in the short story “The Bet”. When the banker thinks of killing the lawyer he says, “He is asleep and most likely dreaming of the millions. And I have only to take this half-dead, throws him on the bed, stifle him a little with a pillow, and the most conscientious except would find no sign of a violent death.” (Chekhov 6). This quote explains that the banker was planning to kill the lawyer. The phrase “stifles him a little with a pillow” and the words “violent death” shows the cruel behavior of the banker. The banker shows selfishness by thinking of killing the lawyer in order to win the bet. The banker’s cruel and careless behavior is also visible when he was insensitive to the watchman. He says, “Suspicion would fall first upon the watch man”, (Chekhov 5). This quote explains that the watchman would be the first person to get blamed for the harsh behavior of the banker. This shows that the banker is malicious by not showing any feelings for the watchman. He is also not concerned about the outcomes of the watchman such as imprisonment for life. Therefore, the banker shows selfishness by putting the blame on someone else for his cruel behavior. In the story “The Lottery Ticket” by Anton Chekhov, shows selfishness leads into careless actions. When Ivan sees that he has the matching series number for the lottery ticket he says, "Oh, yes! There's the number of the ticket too. But stay . . . wait! No, I say! Anyway, the number of our series is there! Anyway, you understand. . . ." (Chekhov 1). This quote explains that Ivan does not bother to look at the ticket number. This shows the carelessness of Ivan because instead of checking for the final numbers, Ivan and his wife daydream about what they would do with the winnings. Therefore, Ivan’s selfishness leads him to hasty behavior. As a result, selfishness is when one has concerns only for themselves and not for the feelings of others. Selfishness can lead to careless and cruel behavior. Everyone should learn that acting selfishly can lead to many troubles and hardships.

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