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Is it right to be selfish?

Yes for Selfishness

What is your first response when you hear the word “selfishness?” Perhaps you would have a negative thought that comes up in your mind, which you maybe disgust by this sensitive word. When I add the word sensitive in here, what I really trying to point out is, it is a shadow trait that the majority of people would rather deny to have it in them. Most people always play the nice and friendly person role towards strangers or barely-known-friends. Because they can feel good about themselves, pretending that they are fooling everyone to make others believe that they are the kindness prince/princess in the fairy tales which influenced us since we are children. I think the true heroes are not the ones who deny their shadow trait. Real heroes have the courage to realize, to admit, and to accept their shadow trait. If a person can’t love and care for him/herself, how can this person love or care for anyone else? There is a famous quote by Albert Camus stating “To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.” We all are selfish, just in different degrees. If we are unselfish, we would all donate money to homeless or charity. Because we are selfish, we can protect ourselves from harmful events. We should love the way we are, there’s no shame for being selfish.

No for Selfishness

If all people are selfish, there’s no red cross, all charities would become investment companies. There will be no religion well-being, people would care for themselves only, no more Jesus. People are not machines, even animals care for each other. By being unselfish, there are great stories, great history regarding heroes, like Mother Teresa. We need to be compassion towards others, so we can make a better world.
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