Selfish Ambition Ain`T Worth Destroying What God Has Provided

Topics: Science, Romanticism, Scientific method Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: January 27, 2007
Scientists often do not see the consequences which may occur by playing God. The medical practices of today's society as come a long way sine 1987, but as one develops more knowledge the more experimental one becomes. What people don't seem to understand is that it is the actions which causes the consequences whether it's good or bad and an example of this can be seen in the film Frankenstein. The fact of humans disrupting God's ability to satisfy their own needs is unbiblical. People are taking too much advantage of what science has provided. It is not that people should not use science as an advantage, but to be cautious of the actions that are made and the consequences that are soon to be.

In the film Frankenstein, Victor creates this creature using scientific methods due to his selfish ambition. This is when Romanticism comes into play; it may seem like the complete opposite of Science, but with this ambition they together create something new. Romantic are not sweet as people think they are, but is rather the rational concept which brings everything together. Without some form of Romanticism everyone would basically be living with no morals. When Victor created his creature he did not fully understand why things did not turn out as he wanted it to be because it was something that he had no right in doing. Though ambition and Romanticism can play a huge role into the creations of the minds of scientists, it is not always fine to be selfish about it. What happened to Victor in the end of the film probably will not happen in daily living but it jus shows that it is easier to just put all the selfishness aside and go with reason.

People may think that science has come a long way (which it has), but the fundamentals will always be the same. On the other hand, people are beginning to play God and it is not right. For now today's scientists are cloning animals not just to experiment with what is giving but to for sentimental reasoning such as bringing...
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