Self-Success Determination Paper
Topics: Homelessness, Personal life, Positive psychology, Person, Homelessness in the United States / Pages: 1 (321 words) / Published: Sep 21st, 2014

Michael Dixon
Professor McDaniels
English 101
21 September 2014
Writing Assignment 2 How should an individual determine his or her own success? Success is determined differently by each person. Some might find having a big home successful, and some might find having a happy family is all they need to feel that they succedded in life. It all comes down to how you were raised and how you preseve the world. Why everyone determines success differently is determined by many factors, including your location in the world, gender, age, spirituality, and many other factors. How someone should determine their individual success changes as they age. A teenage boy might say that success is having money and women, Years later asking the same boy as before the same question in his twenties. He might says success is reaching the top of the business food chain or being the top chef in a five star resturaunt. Again, asking the same man the same question in his late fourties, and he might say success having a happy life, and a retirement fund building. Finally, asking him one last time when he is sixty-nine years old, he just might say that success is being happy with the life you have lived and being proud of all the wonderful and kind things you might have done when you were young. Success is a intriging thing, you work to succeed and then once you do then you want to find something else to succeed in so you as an individual can feel successful again. Society show that success is being attractive and having a partner who is also equally attractive and own a luxury home together. That good and well, but what about the homeless people who aren't attractive and have nothing, how are some of them just as happy and say they feel successful? Every single individual person determines success in a completly different way.

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