Self Renewal

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In this book Gardner uses such terms as, American, Civilization, Commitment, Cope, Strive, Criticism, Tyranny, Innovation, and Self Renewal, Liberty, Pluralism, Individual Now these terms are just a few compared to what is wrote in the book and how many times the terms are use. Reason for these terms I’ve listed is because they stand out to me. A wise teacher once said to me, “In order to Create Innovation (Something new or different introduced, new things or method), has to start with individual which in turn changes an organization creating a transition of a whole society.” Dr. Rock This meaning took shorter meaning from what John Gardner is telling us in this book. Reading this book has given me a complete change of how society and our world can be perceived and looked at without knowing what is really going on today. Reading every sentence in on every page has stuck with me because in some way shape or form, my life can relate to agreements with what Gardner is, telling us in this book. "We don't even know what skills may be needed in the years ahead. That is why we must train our young people in the fundamental fields of knowledge, and equip them to understand and cope with change. That is why we must give them the critical qualities of mind and durable qualities of character that will serve them in circumstances we cannot now even predict." John Gardner on Excellent (A Taken quote from some of his writings on

This quote stood out to me because not only is it giving us actuality, it gives us the truth, We don’t know what’s skill will be needed, there are so many changes going on in our world we can strive for the top and end up at the bottom as if all of our hard work was never done. Yes it is wonderful that we have professors like, Dr. Rock” to give us reality, who’s lived it and witnessed it and is giving us...
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