Self Reflection: Surviving Med School

Topics: Public health, Medicine, Transtheoretical model Pages: 2 (331 words) Published: January 20, 2011
Importance of Self Reflection?
Improve your personal well being
If your not able to reflect, you can’t see how well or unwell your living •Medical students consistently experience high levels of stress, low •Self-reported levels of wellness, decreased exercise and socialization, and increased frequency of alcohol abuse (Ball & Bax, 2002).

Importance of improving personal well being?
-You will be healthier, happier, and can better care for your patients •-Study done by Frank et. Al (2002) concluded who have modified their own health behavior and who perceive themselves as healthy are more likely to screen and counsel patients regarding prevention •The prevalence of screening and counseling remains higher among these physicians, due to their increased comfort with pertinent health information, awareness of potential barriers to change, capability to assess patient readiness to change, and interest in behavioral preventive medicine (Frank et al., 2002)

Model of Wellness encompasses 6 dimensions:
Physical (ex. working out regularly, adopting healthier diets (low salt, more fruits and veggies, swimming, walking to school etc.) •Emotional (ex. sharing feelings, psychiatrist, managing stress/anger, cessation of nail biting, road rage) •Spiritual (ex. meditation, church, non-religious spirituality) •Social (ex. socializing more with family and friends who are no in the same academic situation) •Occupational (ex. not procrastinating, plan for studying) •Intellectual (ex. reading a book unrelated to medical issues)

Stages of Change Model (Change is a process, not an event):

Tips for change:
Add the behavior change to your daily routine
Understand that temporary distractions or setbacks are inevitable; accept them and get back to your program when you can •Recognize barriers to achieving your goal and set up ways to avoid or deal with them •Celebrate...
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