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This paper will address two situations experienced by me and they will be related to aspects of these theories in the Organizational Behavior book. What is interesting to demonstrate the importance of aspects related to this issue in our day to day.

The criterion chosen to begin this self reflection paper was not based on the chronology of events but the degree of importance they had in my life, in order to my professional and personal growth.I'll start this self reflection paper with the situation more meaningful in my professional life. And, more pertinent precisely because it was the hardest to deal with, of all the adverse situations that everyone goes throught into their work.To make clearer the context involved, is important the detailed description of all points referents to the situation. To elucidate all the points I chose the format of a case study, just to be a good teaching material.

Approximately four years ago, I worked in a marketing consultancy "junior" in Brazil. A company "Junior" is a company created in college and formed only by students. It function as a normal consultation, the students take care of projects but each project is supervised by at least two teachers, who are people with strong academic base and large market experience. According to the participation of renowned professors, the service becomes attractive for companies, since junior companies charge less than half the price of firms 'real' and has the support of valuable professionals . These, when renowned, providing services to even large businesses.

The "Junior" company has a hierarchy like any other company, and requirements for promotion dependens on time of company and exams that tests the knowledge of the company and marketing concepts. The negotiation with clients is made by the managers (students usually around one year and a half of the company) together with the guiding teachers without the participation of the employees who will actually conduct the project. To understand the contents and discussed the needs of the client, there is a meeting between students allocated for the realization of the project with the guiding teachers and managers of the company CONTEXT OF THE SITUATION:

After about six months working for this company, I was finally allocated as a "project manager". Which meant that I would have the responsibility to lead a project and therefore a team with four members. Since the closure of the project happened in the same period as the selection process, and hence the entry of new students in the company, my group was composed mostly of newly arrived people. Of the four members, three were new and only one "old" employee, with more or less my time in the company. An interesting point to note is that one of the new students at the company, was actually older and had more faculty time than me. In other words, I lead a person that had, theoretically, more knowledge on marketing than me. The project was being carried out research for a college that would like to understand the students impressions (includes students from other universities) about this university . Our job was collect data, tabulate the information and make the analysis. The questionnaire questions had been raised by teachers. THE SITUATION:

After meeting with directors and teachers, I found that we would do interviews with three different colleges and each sample was around 300 people. So, we should interview them at the time of departure of his universities. However, considering that we, the interviewers, were also students, and that the departure time from other colleges coincided with ours, we concluded that we would lose some classes. Since we should be at the colleges, which were far from ours, even before the students leave the classroom. But even though, the team was very excited and enthusiastic about the project....
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