Self Reflection

Topics: Marketing, Tobacco, Target market Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: March 21, 2011
The self-reflected essay for this course will be a little difficult for me, for many reasons but nevertheless, I do feel as if I improved upon my knowledge, skills, and abilities during this course and has developed me a well rounded employee for my current company of employment. Working in the HR department for my company, I usually deal strictly with benefits, employee programs, 401K issues, and other HR components. Taking this marketing class, has given me a better understanding and better knowledge of marketing concepts in general as related not only to the specific Modules, but in regards to my current company. I work for a company that is a subsidiary for a major US company with sales and profits in upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars. Although our company is relatively small in comparison, this course truly gave me an understanding of how the company’s marketing department needs to be strategic in addressing their target market and designing their market strategy towards different populations of consumers. I also gained knowledge and a better understanding of marketing concepts and solutions and that it is not an easy task to accomplish. Advertising through marketing is the key to success in any business whether it is a product or service related company or business, and Branding and product recognition through advertising increases customer loyalty and profits. Although I don’t smoke or chew tobacco, I chose to complete the course SLP’s on Reynolds America Inc. I had no idea about the amount of marketing that goes into selling and promoting tobacco products to a nation where more people die from the effects of smoking than anything else. I was also surprised to read about the efforts they are making to the awareness and teaching of the dangers of smoking and about them promoting nicotine replacement therapy products. Since their company is so large, I was able to research all of the marketing aspects from pricing, brand marketing,...
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