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My overalls grade was the Summative was an 85! Which is a B, and there are many reason I received that's grade, and one of them is not being responsible enough to take the time out to actually do my homework, and then cram it all in when it comes to the last second. So that's me not being responsible.

A growth mindset involves grasping new topics and imbibing them into your field of study. For our unit 2 test, the subject was angles, having done some stuff with angles in the past I felt this was going to be easy so I kept a fixed mindset and didn't bother to broaden my horizon of knowledge

By keeping relationships with my peers and teachers it helps me to be able to go to them when I'm having a problem or when I need help in a certain area of study, to help me progress

By keeping excellence you are able to focus on your goals, keep proper time management which enables you to study as well and get other priorities done well and efficiently

By keeping up to task and doing good in class, you're enabling yourself and those around you to keep up to the work and progress farther in the class, and understand the subject much more clearly.

Happy Diwali, happy new year, and Jai Swaminarayan. Today we are here to take you through a brief history of the place you are standing in today. As you are aware, we are opening our grand and majestic Hindu mandir earlier this year However it wasn't always this grand or even this big

We started off our bi weekly assemblies in 2006 in a small days inn hotel, and under the guidance of our saints we progressed through these assemblies of just 30-40 devotees This number soon began to increase and we hit the 3 numeral milestone, and were forced to vacate our small hotel in search of a larger space In 2010 we started to use the assembly hall of an Econo lodge hotel, and having bi weekly assemblies there, our numbers started to increase In 2012 under the guidance of pujya santos we started to look for a plot for a new...
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