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Topics: Human anatomy, Patient, Physician Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: February 9, 2014
Self-reflective essay: Nursing
As I think of nursing as a whole and my experiences thus far, many thoughts come to mind like is this for me? Is nursing what I expected? Am I in the right profession? My first day in hospital was when all these emotions started rushing to the fort, what really happened was all the work covered in lectures, practical’s and clinical settings all came to life. I stood there watching Mrs. Mitchell give us a tour around the hospital and I felt a sense of excitement as well as nerves kick in. My days in hospital were filled with good and exciting experiences such as discovering the world of Nursing and how all the healthcare professionals interact with each other and how each discipline is dependent on the other. I found myself loving the impact we as nurses have on patients and how we have this personal connection with them. As the year has progressed so have I, as an individual and as a student Nurse. I have learned so much in hospital how to make a bed different ways indicating whether the patient was admitted or if the patient was in the bed, out of the bed etc. how to wash patients, how to mobilize immobile or semi mobile patients, how to analyze urine specimens, the necessary vital signs which gave us an indication of the internal homeostasis of patients as well as the basic wound care to assess basic wounds. What amazed me most of my experiences in hospital was the strength these Nurses and sisters have to withstand long hours of work as well as the patients needs. I must say being a Nurse is no joke, its hard work and requires dedication. During class time we were taught the Human Anatomy and Physiology we require as well as our practical’s which have brought all these Human Anatomy classes to life. The skills lab sessions have equipped us with the necessary skills needed for our days in hospital. Conducting this journal has allowed me to express all my feelings, emotions and experiences in hospital, class time, practical’s,...
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