Self Reflection

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Self Reflection – Quantitative Reasoning for Business

MGT 521

September 27, 2010

Mr. Morris Polston

Quantitative Reasoning for Business

This is an advantage tool that will be applied throughout my professional life. The Quantitative Reasoning for Business (QRB) will assist me in developing the skills needed to comprehend the many concepts related to finance, accounting, research and operation. In this course I will be able to see a clear example of the daily problems to which a manager can be exposed. I will also learn the importance of being prepared to face them by developing the skills necessary in accounting, finances, and mathematics.       To succeed in today’s business environment, managers need to use and interpret quantitative data and use it to make decisions. To run a profitable business requires the managers to understand the quantitative tools and concepts and apply it to their business strategies. Hollins’ definition of quantitative reasoning is “the application of mathematical concepts and skills to solve real world problems. In order to perform effectively as professionals and citizens, students must become competent in reading and using quantitative data, in understanding quantitative evidence and in applying basic quantitative skills to the solution of real-life problems.” Therefore, the quantitative reasoning for business class will assist in me developing my analytical skills and prepare me to become a successful manager in problem resolution.       QRB will help me use data to measure and make decision based on the given information. I will utilize various reasoning skills to solve problems based on the observed information and to make strategies based on the data. QRB will prepare me to be a better decision maker by applying the quantitative tools to each business decision. In turn, it will help me to become an effective manager.

In conclusion, the quantitative reasoning course will prepare me to use the observed data and...
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