Self Reflection

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3. (Three)  Reports  on  Self-­‐Observations  and  Self-­‐  Reflections   Maximum  1000  words  each  term  
The  purpose  of  these  three  reports  is  to  demonstrate  how  you  have  used  the  learning  journal  to   develop  your  self-­‐awareness  from  term  to  term.  (See  Section  11  about  the  Learning  Journal)  

Each  report  is  due  at  the  first  class  meeting  after  each  reading  week.   Guidelines:  
The  Reports  should  include  your  reflections  about:    
␣ The  main  skills  you  think  you  have  learnt  or  consolidated  so  far  this  year  
␣ The  skills  you  think  you  still  need  to  develop  and  why  
␣ Your  participation  in  the  group  this  term;  e.g.  your  presence  and  absence,  your  contributions;   (in  term  2  and  3)  comparisons  with  previous  terms    
␣ Ways  you  enjoyed  learning  on  the  programme  this  term,  when  you  didn␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣␣ and  3)  comparisons  with  previous  terms  
␣ Barriers  to  your  own  learning  and  how  you  have  been  overcoming  them  this  term;  (in  term  2   and  3)  comparisons  with  previous  terms  
␣ The  ways  in  which  your  own  gender,  ethnicity,  religion,  age,  disability,  social  class,  sexual   orientation  influence  your  experiences  in  a  helping  relationship  ␣  offering  or  receiving  help,  

CCS STUDENT HANDBOOK MODULES 2, 3, 42012-20131  5   inside  and  outside  the  classroom;  development  of  your  thinking  about  this   ␣ In  the  last  term,  you  might  also  reflect  on  your  future  plans. Kameka Ross

‘Counselling and counselling skills’

Report on self-observation and self-reflection.
In the course of this Self-obervation and self-reflection essay, I inten to illostaigh what I have learn about myself and what area I belive still need to understand....
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