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Self Realization

By Sofialilymu Feb 28, 2013 514 Words
“Friend or Foe” by Dean A. Meek”, the writer’s purpose of this essay was to relate the relationship with alcohol and with the addiction that impacted his life and analyzes how his addiction began and how it ended. He was trying to convey how bad it was if you have some vices which could not help the growth of your personality and how it will consume your being. (1) The audience that he was aiming at were teen agers who at this stage of life there so much challenges that comes along the way and the peer pressures that you’re in but in his case it was through emotional experience that drives him to be an alcoholic. On the first paragraph he said “This was a feeling that I would carry with me through my teenage years, a feeling of not fitting in and being ashamed of the way I looked”. It is very clear what he was driving at what is like when you are growing up. (2) In my opinion the most important idea in this essay is that how the author overcomes his addiction with alcohol, and how important a family that through the years that he has gone through it is not just for him, life is worth living for but for his family. The author said “I only have choices left: I would either get help or commit suicide and there were no other options. Thankfully, I chose treatment and, with the help of my wife, was admitted to that program that same day”. It’s a wakeup call for him and the whole idea with alcohol as a friend is his biggest foe. (3) In the first part of the essay he sounds so down and his boyhood is not at all appealing and interesting and he’s building up to be a wild individual. He was so drunk and never knew why he ended up in the hospital, that’s where he was overwhelmed with fear and confusion of not knowing what had happened. Because of the legal issues he was facing it is where the tone of the subject became subtle and eventually it ended up so peacefully. (4) I think the whole essay is a very clear understanding how the author describes his emotions while growing up and over the course of the story he clearly laid out the feeling of being alienated and he’s confused if the vice that he is in will be his friend for life but he was dead wrong as this alcohol as he considers his friend will lead him to and it will cost him his life. On the last paragraph the author states that “After giving up the alcohol, I again faced those evil emotions but this time I faced them head on. You see nothing external could mend this torn soul; it had to be fixed internally. As for my friend he is now my foe”. After all we only lived once so we have to do it right and make the most out of it. (5)

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