Self Preservation

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As humans, the easiest way you can spend time is by entertain yourself. At one point of our lives, we managed to do something stupid because of that urge.
It feels as if the cycle of your everyday life was not enough to satisfy your sense of movement. You then try engaging into activities you do not usually do but would prefer if there was free time.

Eventually, it comes to a point where this does not satisfy you any longer.

Ideas start popping out of nowhere to try and force you into something else: SOMETHING WORTH A THRILL.
You discourage them at first, defending your conviction with what your knowledge can offer. The threat would hush up for a while until another moment is given to it where it can smite you with its temptation when you least expect it.

You might want to laugh or discontinue reading this note. It would just mean YOU ARE GUILTY.
GUILTY of the fact you had once accepted the devil’s offer and went through its ordeals.
GUILTY enough to know you had hurt someone for your pleasures.
GUILTY for realizing you know what it is like to screw things up and shake your head to find a solution for a problem you created.
If otherwise, I hope this would serve as a reflection to what you can do if it comes.

We breathe life into our own problems and they always come with solutions. The time where explosions and miscarriages happen is when we concoct our own solutions. We become blinded by particular results that sometimes we forget to mind the process.

“Don’t screw things up just because you’re miserable.”
It might sound cliché but it is less blameworthy than experiencing it FOR REAL.
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