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Topics: Marketing, Financial services, Communication Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: January 30, 2013
STFA Leung Kau Kui College
Self-Account @ SLP 2013 Jupas
Name: Ng Wing Sze Class: 6B No. 28 I am fond of raising questions. Why money is so important for a person? How do we trade without money in our society? How could we make the best use of it to advance our society under the capitalist system? These are the questions I have always bared in mind and I really enjoyed finding out the answers. That’s why I am interested in Business Administration, especially in marketing and financial sectors, in order to be equipped with skills in analyzing human behavior and social interaction.

Probably the first recurring to my mind is that when participating in business sector, an open-minded attitude to tackle problem head-on is needed. Being elected as a publicity of Man House, I am in charge of Sports Day Site Decoration. The Sports Day was in October, which was prior to the Uniform Test. On one hand, I have to prepare my test; on another hand, I have to design the logo of Man House, draw the sketch for the decoration, and buy the relevant materials and so on. During the process, I need to make lots of decisions on second thoughts to cope with the formidable situations. For example, I need to determine how to make the best use of limited capital to procure the materials in order to minimize the costs of the whole event. Being this post, I have been trained to go deep into consideration before making any decisions and have a strong commitment to succeed. More importantly, I have learnt that how to take the advantage of limited resources to present my work and how they can be made persuasively as finance is the study of how individuals allocate financial resources, and cover the management of money. I am sure all these experience would be very helpful for participating in financial sector.

Apart from that, communication skill is also required in the business world as we need to deal with different people for solving the...
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