Self Portrait

Topics: Self-portrait, Emotion, Stanton Macdonald-Wright Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: September 5, 2013
Week 8 Assignment 2: Self Portrait
By: James Roppel II
Professor Michael Briere
HUM 111
September 4, 2012

My self portrait would be the combination of Michelangelo (sketch of a male head, in two positions), and the abstract self portrait of Stanton MacDonald-Wright (1890-1973). Stanton MacDonald-Wright collaborating with Morgan Russell developed “Synchronism”. An “aesthetic philosophy upon modernist theories of perception“. My portrait would show signs of Synchronism, a color based style that linked emotion to color. I chose a self-portrait, to not only give others an insight to who I am, but also for me to reflect upon. I asked the one person who knows me best, my mother, to honestly state how she and others may perceive me. Maybe in the course of this reflection I can truly see some of what I project to others, in hopes of making some positive life changes within myself. I believe in order to change; you need to have some understanding as to the reasons for your behavior.

The background of the canvas would represent a storm, made up of different hues smoky gray. This storm signifies the longing to belong, but never feeling like I fit in. The turmoil, which is a roller coaster of all my emotions. The self portrait itself would be unrecognizable to anyone that knows me, almost to the point of blending into the background. I live my life almost in complete solitude by choice. I have never liked crowds and can easily fade into the background. I think this stems from being a military child. Though my family unity was strong, we moved frequently throughout my childhood. Having no prolonged stable foundation in my youth I didn’t develop strong friendships, knowing I would have to leave again. They say the eyes can tell a story. My eyes would be looking downward, almost in a closed position. When speaking to another I rarely look them in the eye, I purposely fidget or allow some other distraction to gain my attention. Part of this is due to a...

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