Self Media and Images

Topics: Adolescence Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: April 2, 2013
The Affect of Media and Self-Image

In today’s world everyone wants to be skinny and have the ideal body that we see on television. Little girls dream about there favorite star and wants to be just like them. The media portrays in girl’s eye that everyone should be skinny and must have a flat stomach with a small waist. As we watch the celebrities on the award show as they walk down a red carpet and show off their beautiful figure and expense dress. The one thing that the media show is their body figure and the beautiful dress. In order to wear these expense dresses you have to have the right figure to show the amount of skin that the dress allows. In my research I will talk about our youth wanting to be just like the celebrities on television and they will do anything to have the perfect body.

Today we don’t have to look far to find the perfect figure you can see them on magazines, television and even on the videos. The media display that being skinny in today’s world is the way to go. Anyone that is overweight will not get looked at. If you want attention you have to be skinny and where all the expenses clothes. As seen on the movies screen there are only small figured women and they are admire by plenty. Having someone that’s overweight seeing that the other young lady is getting all the attention, makes the overweight lady thinking about what can she do to get some attention?

After reading Rachelle Salinger article about “How the Media Influences Teen Self-Image” help me better understand why teens are trying to fit an image. Teenager girls are strongly influences by the media because they have so many different images to up keep. Teen look into the magazine and get tips on makeup, hair and clothes. The magazines are informing teenager by telling them what’s new and up to date (Salinger, 2010). 70% of teen girls are influence by the magazine (Salinger, 2010). The media has a negative image on our youth do to the fact that children are watching too...
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