Self Managed Teams

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Unit 7 Assignment
Self-Managed Teams

Self-managed teams are a great way to free up time by utilizing the experience and knowledge of an employee by setting specific parameters to be followed and goals to be met without the need for constant supervision. By making the location managers self-managed teams this would allow for the managers to handle the small issues that are tying up Dalman’s time unnecessarily. These issues could be easily handled by the location managers and would allow for Dalman to focus his concerns on expanding the business and creating more opportunities for Sandwich Blitz, Inc.

Dalman and Lei can provide the location managers with clear and concise procedures regarding authority, scope of work, timelines, and quality. The location manages can have weekly meetings and work together on issues they are having and collectively resolve them together. Dalman and Lei can review and evaluate the results of the location managers and revise and set new goals for the location managers to meet. This will allow Dalman and Lei to monitor the locations without having to distract from other business needs and opportunities by allowing the managers to self-direct themselves and handle the day to day business issues.

Self-managed work teams also take on responsibilities previously handled by supervisors. This creates an opportunity for the location managers to teach, coach, develop and facilitate rather than simply direct and control their subordinates. By creating the self-managed teams within Sandwich Blitz, the managers will be able to participate and contribute to productivity. This will re-distribute the workload for Dalman. It also allows the managers to feel empowered as power, authority, and responsibility is re-distributed amongst the team. This ultimately is beneficial to the company as the people closest to the customer; i.e the location managers, have the decision making power and which ultimately effects the end result.

Dalman and...
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