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Approaches to self managed learning
This report will have the information about how self-managed learning can enhance lifelong development by evaluating the approaches to self managed learning, ways in which lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts could be encouraged and the benefits of self managed learning to the individual and organisation. There will be also information about my own current skills and competencies against professional standards and those of organisation objectives. Identifying of my own development needs and what activities are required to meet them. Personal development opportunities I have got in meeting current and future needs. INTRODUCTION

Self-managed learning is a way people or individual find different ways in learning things, which could be in the society they are living or at work that is a diversified environment. Self-managed learning also is about setting out the goals for the learning by evaluating the purpose for learning and ways to achieve such goals. People learn new things example the culture of different people, behaviour, personality, perceptions etc. Individual can learn things not only in class but also through friends, news papers etc. Self-managed learning gives people a chance to come up with their own strategy in learning, though sometimes people take a short term in learning something that could be maybe to enable them to pass the exam, or completing a project, it is important for people to acquire such knowledge for long term as the environment now is facing challenges due to advance technology people need that knowledge that they could use them in their personal and professional life. The following are the approaches to self-managed learning. APPROACHES TO SELF-MANAGED LEARNING

Individual could learn through the research they will be doing that could be either been issued by the university or college even at work place, people could learn different techniques used in doing the research also the information about example problems associated in UK business people could learn what’s going on in business environment. SEMINARS AND CONFERENCES

People could learn through seminars, conferences what they have experienced over there and make changes for the future. Seminars and conferences gives people the opportunity to present their knowledge about something to other people who end up learning new things. Seminars and conferences helps people becoming confident in speaking in the public and develops presentation skills which are needed in the organisation SOCIAL NETWORKS

There are different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, My year book etc where people spend more than two hours a day chatting with friends learning new things about other peoples’ information also people could learn through use of bulletin boards, internet and new groups. People can learn how social networks owners such as Mark Zuckerberg how he became successful, individual could learn and find their means of succeeding in their careers. INTERNET

Individual can learn through internet such as different articles written by different authors concerning management studies, strategic, risk management etc. People could acquire such knowledge that could be transferred to work places. There are different sites that could be searched on the internet that help people learning things example that have different information and services that people could learn from them. Through self-managed learning, individual such as myself have experienced personal things that there are ways in which lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts could be encouraged. WAYS IN WHICH LIFELONG LEARNING IN PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL CONTEXTS COULD BE ENCOURAGED Lifelong learning is all about continuous learning personally that could contribute to the professional context. Individual could have personal assessment as means of lifelong learning by evaluating their strengths, weaknesses,...
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