Self Introduction: I Am

Topics: Mother, Education, Family Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: November 10, 2006
I am more than just a normal college student. I am also a young black teenage mother. As a young black teenage mother, I have learned to grow up quick. The things that I have learned the fastest were to nurture, care, and to protect my son, Jaylen. These were the three basic instincts that I have had since the day I first saw him. As far as I am concerned these instincts will not go away until my soul is resting.

Nurturing my son is very important. To me, nurturing is more than just feeding him. Nurturing is also educating him and training him to be all that he can be. I do the best that I can to help him grow and develop by teaching him the good from the bad. Even though he is only two years old, it is important for me to show him that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. He is currently enrolled in daycare, but when he isn't there he is still learning at home.

I have always been a caring person, but when my son was born, my whole perspective of the word care changed. I used to care for people in way that was like I was interested in them. Things are not like that with my son. When I say I care for my son I mean it in a way of me having a watchful oversight of him. I worry about him with every move that he makes, especially now that I am attending college. Not being home makes me want to watch over him even more.

Protection is the one that came naturally to me. For any mother, protection is the one thing that she will provide for her child. No mother wants to see her child in harm's way. I do all that I can to protect my son from any danger that may be near him. I protect my son as if he had is very own secret service agent. The one thing that could possibly hurt me would be that fact that something was to happen to my son, and I wasn't there to protect him.

Even though motherhood came to me at a very early age, the motherly instincts didn't hesitate to come to my mind. The one thing that I did not talk about is strength. I didn't mention it because as a...
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