Self- Introduction

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Speech of self-Introduction Based on a personal Object.
MY JOB…. A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF MY LIFE Why a picture of a baby and my phone? Well technology plays a big role this days, having a cellphone is not a luxury but a necesity. And Im not the exception, for me is my most important tool because that is the only way that people can contact me. I don’t have an office, I don’t work in one specific place, Im usually all over the city and that’s why my cellphone is really important for me. Kids are the most amazing and honest people that you can get to know, and that’s why I love and enjoy them a lot. This baby represents my job, Im a nanny in NYC and this is my passion but in order to get my pasion going I defenitely need to be in constant comunnication with the parents and that is where my phone comes into play.

There is always something new for us to learn everyday, and Im happy that I get to do it from children. They are full of honesty and that had thought me how important it is for us to have patience, why do I tell you this? Well, if you are walking outside on the street holding a 3 years old hand and there is a sweet old lady walking next to you, he might turn around and tell you “why is the lady’s hair next to us white and why is she going so slow” he is not lying, he is being very honest and that’s definitely where my patience comes into play. I need to be calm and tell him how we are not supposed to talk about other people that are around us. They are also very innocent, fragile and so dependable, and I love being there for them. One of my favorite parts about my job is that I get to teach them and is not just about telling them what to do but showing them the way to do things and the way to behave around other people. There is no better way of teaching than doing it! So they can see what’s right. This is another lesson I learned from them because how do we expect them, for example to be polite and always say please and thank...
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