Self Introduction

Topics: Japan, Culture, Thought Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: May 20, 2013
self introduction

My name is Dayoung An . Currently I am a student at Daegu university in Daegu.My major is Japanese language. Many years of hard working and strict training have made me a qualified student with high qualities.

I have a good relationship with my classmates and teachers as I am generally sociable in personality. I am thoughtful and helpful in school. As for my study, I pay special attention to the development of my thinking manners so that I become quick in thinking and broad in knowledge.Seeking reality and progress, I have achieved excellence in my study. I went to Japan for a semester for an exchange student program.There, I studied about Japanese language, culture, history and economics. Furthermore, I am continuously involved in a lot of school activities in order to develop my self. I was a chairman of contest a publicity club. I did many things in this position, such as event advertising. For example I often designed some schedules and event posters along with many other tasks. My work as a chairman of contest a publicity club and a committee member of the Federation helps me to gain valuable experience in organizing various types of activities including both inter-school and joint-school, cooperating with my teammates as well as sharpening my communication skills.

I am lucky enough to have visited several countries already in my time . I have been to Indonesia , Japan , Philippines and USA , and have worked for quite some time in Canada. That being said I have learned that each country is beautiful and unique in it is on way not just scenery , but the culture as well. I think a part of who I am, comes from my travel experiences. I also was lucky enough to work in a tour company while in Canada.I have also learned things like adapting that people of different cultures have different ways of dealing with situations.

In addition, I have developed many hobbies in my life. For example, I love playing musical instruments. I...
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