Self Harm

Topics: Suffering, Suicide, Major depressive disorder Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: March 29, 2014


By: DeAna
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“With all the talk about it, cutting can almost seem like the latest fad. But cutting is a serious problem.” Self-Harming and cutting is not a very common behavior, some people see it as a fad. People who self-harm might not know how to manage their problems. Injuring themselves on purpose, or making scratches or cuts on your body enough to break skin and make it bleed, are all ways of self-mutilation and self-harm. Although self-cutting may be some ones outlet to their emotions or problems, it is a very dangerous and can be life threatening if not addressed. I agree with child and adolescent psychologist, D’Arcy Lyness, when she says, “Self-cutters and self-harmers should seek out help so that they can learn healthier ways of managing the problems that led to their injurious behavior.”

Anywhere from 2 to 10 percent of young people in the United States has engaged in the act of self-harm at least once. Self-harm appears to be more common in girls between the age 11 and 25. Those who self-harm are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and possibly even conduct disorders. Self-harm is very dangerous and can cause infections as well as very obvious scarring in some cases. There are multiple ways to self-harm it can be cutting, burning the skin, picking at your skin, banging ones head on a hard surface, scratching oneself, biting oneself, stabbing oneself, ingesting poisons or drugs, breaking their own bones. People who self-harm aren’t usually suicidal. In most cases if someone is suicidal they are suffering from a co-occurring mental illness such as depression. The most common areas to injure are the wrists, arms, legs, bellies; usually places that are easily concealed. Some experts say that the behavior of self-harm may trigger a release

Self-harm is not a fad. It is not the “trendy” thing to do. It is really not something that you should do just because your friends are talking about it. People who do...
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