Self Evaluation

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This self evaluation essay will throw light on my knowledge, experience, skills and personality profile. This essay will provide detailed information about the prospect of my business plan.

Introduction: I would describe myself as a very determined learner. The best quality that I like about myself is my passion to learn new things. I am a goal oriented person and have positive attitude also. To start with my academic qualification I scored aggregate of 65% in at secondary education and aggregate of 60% in at senior secondary education level. I did my graduation in B.Com with aggregate of 60% in 2002. However due to some financial issues I could not continue my studies and I decided to start my career. At present I have over 8 years of experience and this has given me an opportunity to enter into the business world.

Skills: My academic learning and my work experience have led to development of various skills in me which are essential to be a successful entrepreneur in this era of globalisation. Brief details are given below for few of the skills:

1. Effective Communicator: Communication is an essential part of everyday life. Being an effective communicator you can interact with people, share ideas, express thoughts and feelings, and resolve problem. I am capable of speaking well in public and people management in professional way which helps to communicate the clear objective and goal to team members.

2. Problem Solver and Decision Making: Problem solving and decision-making is important skills for business and life. Problem-solving involves decision-making, and decision-making is important for management and leadership. Having these skills I have become flexible and always ready to accept new challenges in my life.

3. Hard Worker: Hard work always pay in long term hence due to my hard work I have always got promotions in a short span of time in every organization I have worked with.

4. Goal Oriented: I am a goal oriented...
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