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During the time allowed to present my life through music to the class, I was nervous and jittery. Before watching my anthems of my life video, I thought this would be a train wreck and I would sound funny hearing myself talk. Although, this speech seemed like a piece of cake because it was about my life, in reality it wasn’t. My preparations for the speech was moderate, I read over what I wanted to present but didn’t time myself more than twice. I found myself rushing through presenting the hardships of my life.

On the other hand, as I replayed the video I noticed all the swinging of my feet. It was a distraction as I watched it, so I know audience may have felt the same way. Then, as I further watched the video I noticed that I didn’t give any nonverbal gestures due to the fact I held the card with both hands. In my speech I found myself fiddling with the note card while giving good eye contact to my audience. I was talking extremely fast and not making my words clear enough. On my outline I had my conclusion and clincher but during the video I did not restate my anthems or clincher to my audience. On my feedback cards, it was a lot of positive things I did well but my weakness was slowing down my talking speed and no conclusion. The feedback given to me by my audience was exactly how I felt the moment I ended my speech. Their feedback is helping me prepare myself ahead of time and deliver my speeches in a moderate pace.

However, my perception of my speech did not change because I felt there were things I could have done ahead of time to avoid the time requirement and making my main points clear. During the video replays, it were things I wanted to say but couldn’t because my emotions were getting the best of me. Out of all the aspects of the video, I liked the fact that I didn’t like the panic of people laughing at me, stop me from presenting parts of my life that I’ve struggled with for a long time. One thing I have learned from...
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