Self Evaluation

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Self Evaluation
After having spent a whole semester focused on writing, I was able to learn more on writing and improve my writing skills. I don’t think I have a biggest strength. Writing as my second language feels terrible for me. If I have to choose one, I think my thoughts in essays are not bad. I always think for a long time before I start to write. I think a good thought or a good idea will improve my essay a lot. This has helped me to capture readers’ attention and in bringing my points out clearly. However, my greatest weakness when writing is that I am unable to bring to a close any article I am writing on. I find it difficult to get the right words to use in the conclusion. Arriving at the conclusion poses a great difficulty and most of my works are therefore left hanging with no ending point. During the writing course, I was able to make improvements in sticking to my topic or the main point of the article. Once I decide on my main topic, I am able to draw an outline and highlight the sub-points that will support the topic. Am also able to avoid too many points in one piece of writing which may lead to confusion of the readers. Therefore, I am able to make my point tie to the main topic and hence pass the message I want to get to the readers in a concise and precise manner. Organization is an important aspect of writing. Without organization, a writer may not be able to communicate the intended message to the writers. Teachers should therefore lay more emphasis on the layout of articles in relation to the introduction, body and the conclusion. This will help students be able to start their writing and organize their writing to the conclusion. This will help students able conclude their work easily. Students should be given more works of other writers so that they can read and gain the necessary knowledge.
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