Self Discovery

Topics: Family, Debut albums, Accept Pages: 4 (1223 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Renée Milligan
English 1000-108
Professor Davis
12 February 2014
As a child, spirituality and religion is usually based upon a parent’s belief system and teachings. As we get older, we recognize that we experience questions about our purpose and most people continue to follow their parent’s teachings and path. However, some of us, as we grow mentally and spiritually in experience, are drawn to a different path. This change of path can be small or dramatic, but either way this change transforms the person’s attitude and view of the world. For one such as myself the change, as dramatic as it was, resulted in spiritual, mental, and physical empowerment, self-confidence, and security.

An ordinary day for me would soon become known to me as the day I began to bravely step into the unknown and trust my own heart and soul. This day would become the day that I would soon call the opening of a spiritual doorway into my inner self. This journey would soon make me the spiritual woman I am today. As a child I blindly embraced the concept of my parent’s path of Christianity. I found joy in pleasing my family by walking in this path, but as a teenager I felt an inner-conflict between finding my own personal happiness or pleasing those around me so that they would accept me. Eventually the devastation of hiding who I wanted to me became painful, and almost unbearable, but I cared so much for my family I could not find it in myself to try to find a way to express the way I personally viewed the world.

“Renée, please, just go. You’ll enjoy it. If anything else you’ll get away for a while. You seem so stressed lately. Maybe some time with just you and God will help,” my mother and grandmother encouraged. I sighed finally agreeing to go on the church youth group trip to Vermont. I mean I wanted to please my family and Vermont did seem like a cool idea. Maybe, I thought to myself, this will help me feel closer to God. I urgently wanted to feel the...
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