Self-Directed Teams

Topics: Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Better Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Companies have benefited from implementing self-directed teams. Unlike the name implies self-directed teams cannot just go out there and do what they want. There are rules and regulations, which self-directed teams need to follow. These teams will do many of the functions the supervisor formerly would perform, such as scheduling, duty assignments, and quality-control improvements or resolve any difficulties within the group. Self directed work teams are accountable to one another. They are interdependent, goal oriented and multi-skilled. ("MMS Online")

Self-control work teams are more apt to change with the random and rapid vulnerabilities of the market trends. The market trends could be anything from changes in technology, pricing, production for competition. Self-directed work teams, also known as self-managing teams, represent a progressive approach to the way work is organized and performed.

Self Managed Teams in Ford are divided according to work functions, in Manufacturing, Finance, Marketing and Sales and Materials Planning. SMT make decisions on a wide range of issues, propose improvements on job functions and processes, also to address inter-personal difficulties within the group and resolve quality problems, and so forth. Ford protects and enhances Self Managed Teams to remain competitive and ahead in many aspects. ("I am Maureen")

Minnesota-based 3M is among an increasing number of companies that involve employees in the daily management of their business through work teams. These teams are empowered to take corrective actions to resolve day-to-day problems. They also have direct access to information that allows them to plan, control and improve their operations. (Williams)

Companies have discovered using self-directed work teams is not only a good thing to do, they increasing employee involvement; and it is a "business thing" as well. Companies are seeing self-controlled teams make improvements in products, services and processes while...
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