Self Defence

Topics: Learning, Individual, Person Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: April 25, 2010
The Must Needed Skills of Self Defense

I believe every person on this planet needs to have a basic understanding of self defense whether they live in a large city, out in the country side, or jungle in another country. Self defense is something that anyone can learn. Young children all the way to senior citizens have educated themselves on this life saving education. I myself have been mastering self defense skills since I was about five years old. I have trained in karate, marine corps martial arts, line training, and weapons training. I am trying to master every self defense skill that I can, not so I can protect just myself and my family but I want to give this precious skill to as many people as I can. This skill is very simple and once your body has memorized the techniques it will become natural if any threatening event occurs.

Self defense skills range from finger, hand, elbow, head, knee, and foot strikes. This is only the hand-to-hand fighting techniques. There are weapon of opportunity techniques, edged weapon and firearm techniques. Hand-to-hand fighting is the basic training for anyone who is learning self defense. It is also the most important. Most people will not carry a pocket knife, a baton, or a concealed pistol on there person. People will not do this because they do not like to have such objects or where they live will not permit them carrying these items. This is why hand-to-hand techniques are the most important. Next is the weapon of opportunity techniques. These techniques teach individuals to use what they have around them as a weapon. Items ranging from a ink pen to a metal pole made for a small sign can be used as a weapon. Edged weapons and firearms are the most effective but not always the best weapons to use. These weapons should only be employed when it is absolutely necessary. If these weapons were taking from the intended user by the wrong person then the intended user just jeopardized what they have been trying to prevent....
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