Self Confidence Persuasive Essay

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Alaina Donovan
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Persuasive Essay

Self confidence is the ability to posses the absolute sureness of feeling that you are equal to the task at hand. If one is self-confident, that trait shines through the person in everything they do, say, what they wear and how they look. People who have this desirable trait draw others around them in by their untouchable confidence. A confident person can easily combat the hurdles of life and can also influence others by their positive attitude and impressive personality. A confident person believes in themselves, does what they feel is right and is never afraid of failure. Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives.

The reason self confidence is so important is because out of confidence comes success. Proof of this is found in many instances. For example, it is proven that students who begin a test with confidence in themselves that they will achieve a desired goal have a better chance of doing-so opposed to those who begin a test with uncertainty. Another example is in the working world. It is very unlikely for an insecure, unconfident person to be a CEO of a flourishing company. When hiring an employee for an important position, an employer looks for certain qualities and self confidence is one major one.

Self confidence is a disease. Friends, family, and all people other people in touch with a person displaying confidence are likely to generate similar self confident feelings. A confident person attracts friendships, but commands respect, too. 69% of women said that men possessing self confidence were 2 times more attractive than those lacking it. ‘I believe that a self-confident man is aware of his imperfections but doesn't allow them to hinder him from being the best person that he can be.’ Alison Austin of Dayton, OH.

For a psychology project, two high school boys decided to test out the correlation between self confidence and attraction. They...
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