Self Concept

Topics: Identity, Self-concept, Self Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: August 28, 2013
This assignment views my understanding of interpersonal communication. It grasps and discusses the concept of self, theories about self-concept and other elements in non-verbal communication, and how it influences us on a daily bases. Communication makes everything easier and without it we would be lost and always taking things out of context. Conclusion

Defining Self-concept
The meaning of self-concept is a common word used to discuss how one can describe how they feel and think. This is how they recognise themselves. Self-concept includes your physical appearance, attitudes, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses, mental capabilities, in fact this includes our self both inside and out. On the road to beingaware of oneself is to have a perception of a person’s own self

The development of self-concept
Self-concept is created through our association with other people. The way we notice ourselves rest on on a great extent to how we believe other people see us as human beings. A relationship with others is called communication. As we relate with close relative and brothers and sisters and in the future with class mates and teachers, co-workers and social group, we adopt their outlooks about us so that they grow into becoming a part of exactly how we look at ourselves. A self-concept is a collection of beliefs about one's own nature, unique qualities, and typical behavior. Your self-concept is your mental picture of yourself. It is a collection of self-perceptions. Example a self-concept might include such beliefs as 'I am easy going' or 'I am pretty' or 'I am hard working. Example

“ There once was a little girl who never applied herself in her academics.  She always made bad decisions when choosing her peers. She never thought good things about herself. Then there was another girl, who always applied herself academically. She worked hard to accomplish her goals and helped tutor others when they struggled in class.   Which little girl are you?...
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