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Topics: Basketball, Better, Learning Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: October 24, 2008
I stopped playing basketball frequently after my 6th year in the elementary school. At that time, I did not take basketball seriously and only played for fun. When I came to Portland earlier this spring, I made new friends and they asked me to join them and play basketball together. It has been a long time since my last basketball game then. As a result, my skills have dropped and did not play as well as I used to be while I was in elementary school. I was pretty disappointed with myself. However, my friends gave me a lot of support and told me that I had the potential to become very good in basketball. They praised me that even though my shooting were not accurate, I was quick at dribbling and knew how to find an open spot. They also told me that I was quite tall and had long hands and it is an advantage in basketball to have those physical attributes. After listening to their praises, I felt encouraged to improve my basketball skills. My friend’s appraisal gave me the motivation and determination to become a better basketball player. Since then, I had been playing basketball with them quite frequently and my skills have improved quite considerably.

2)While playing basketball with my friends, I always try to compare myself with them. I always try to see my own strength and skills through them. “Were they playing better than me?” or “Was I the best among the group?” These questions always come to mind during and after the game. Ialways compare myself with my friends and try to improve my game so that I can be better than them. I think that by looking at them playing so well in their basketball games, they gave me a goal to pursue and made me motivated to practice my basketball skills.

3)Based on my “Self-Description Inventory” worksheet, I had a score of 71 out of a range between 14 and 98. The worksheet shows that I am quite independent as person. If I calculated using math, I am in the 67th percentile of the score range. In my opinion, this score is...
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