Self Care for Youth Workers

Topics: Activity, Want, Management Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: April 5, 2013
What would you anticipate to be key variables in your self-care regime? I would anticipate the key variables in my self-care regime to be: work schedule can change from week to week depending on staff request for time off. Setting set days for activities can be a challenge sometimes partners work schedule because his schedule also changes from week to week, so it can change days I can do activities especially activities we plan on doing together. 3.Money. Depending on what bills I have or what I may need during a week can change what sort of activities or extra activities I am able to do during the week. 4.The weather depending if I am planning for an outdoor activity How will you ensure that burnout does not get the better of you? I will do my best to ensure that I do not get burnout out by: 1.Recognizing the signs of burnout my body is telling me.

2.When I first realize that I am showing signs of burnout I will stop and breath for a minute, and as soon as possible step away and do something that I enjoy and will help me relax 3.I will make sure to be more organized with to do list at work, home, and school. I will review these list before going to bed so I know what to expect the next day. 4.Recognize when I need to ask for help. To go to my partner, co-workers, parents, or friends and ask for help with a task, project, or assignment. Good To address this question, I want you to design a self-care program that address these questions: What is the evidence that you are caring for yourself?

I know at the moment I am not doing enough to care for myself because I am so busy finishing off schoolwork for the term. I do try to take a time out during the evening where possible, even if it is only long enough to watch my favorite tv show. I am starting back to church this week, which will be a good stress relief for me. The other night I did take the night off because I knew I was getting too stressed out. I took a hot shower, watched tv and spent...
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