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Topics: Emotional intelligence, Intelligence, Learning Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: January 29, 2011
Results from Self-Assessment Activity from Downing OnCourse-----------------------------------------------------------Student: Jason Nugent Instructor: Sara Henson Course: Study Strategies/ HD 101 CRN 1518 Your Score: Self-Assessment Area:----------- --------------------- 71 Score 1: Accepting Personal Responsibility 75 Score 2: Discovering Self-Motivation 65 Score 3: Mastering Self-Management 44 Score 4: Employing Interdependence 65 Score 5: Gaining Self-Awareness 68 Score 6: Adopting Lifelong Learning 62 Score 7: Developing Emotional Intelligence 63 Score 8: Believing in MyselfScore Range: Scores Within This Range Indicate...------------ --------------------------------------------------------------- 0 - 39 area where your choices will seldom get you on course. 40 - 63 area where your choices will sometimes get you on course. 64 - 80 area where your choices will usually keep you on course.1. Write about the areas on the self-assessment in which you had your highest scores.By doing the self-assessment, I also learned that I control my own destiny. By the daily choices I make in life and goals that I set. I will achieve success by setting reasonable short term goals and obstacles to overcome. Most of all is the ability to sustain motivation.2. Write about the areas of the self-assessment in which you had your lowest scores. By doing the self-assessment, I also learned that I need to work on being more sociable. More outgoing, working in groups and asking others for help. I fear rejection, even with knowing this I tend to struggle through challenges on my own. I am excited to be in this class because I will be forced to work with others and become more comfortable. I would also like to work on centering myself emotionally.
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