Self Appraisal Form

Topics: Problem solving, Management, Goal Pages: 4 (572 words) Published: March 20, 2011
Employee self Appraisal Form

Review Period: from 01/09/2009 to 31/08/2010
Name: xxx
Department: Management
Position: Assistant Supervisor
Job Code: 00881234

Based on your job description and current work assignments, please answer questions as follows:

1.Please list your most significant accomplishments or contributions during this appraisal period.

I have completed various levels of training. In this period I am promoted to Assistant Supervisor . I think this is my most significant accomplishments during this appraisal period.

2. Describe any factors, positive or negative, you feel may have helped or hindered in meeting your formal or informal goals or objectives.

In my organization staffs are very helpful in every situation. We try to work as a group. It helps me a lot to solve difficult tasks. I think this is a positive thing that help me to perform my work.

3. Have you successfully performed any new tasks or additional duties outside the scope of your regular responsibilities? If so, please specify.

Once I got a chance in my work place to do some marketing work. Our target was to promote our products successfully. It was a challenging task and I done that job successfully. That was a good experience for me.

4. What skills do you have that you feel could be used more effectively?

Problem solving skills
Communication skills
IT skills

5. Describe the areas you feel require improvement in terms of your professional development. List the steps you plan to take and/or the resources you need to accomplish this.

1) Interpersonal skills
2) Decision making skills
3) Creavity Skills

6. In you opinion, how does the work you perform align with or support the objectives of the organization Mission Statement?

I always try to work with my team to achieve the organizational goals. I also communicate people positively. Also I am reliable and helpful.

7. List 2-4 of your...
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