Self Analysis

Topics: Psychology, Ethics, Emotion Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: November 17, 2008
Self Analysis Counseling is a learning-oriented process, carried on in a simple, one to one social environment, in which a counselor, professionally competent in relevant psychological skills and knowledge, seeks to assist the client by methods appropriate to the latter's needs and within the context of the total personnel program, to learn more about himself, to learn how to put such understanding into effect in relation to more clearly perceived, realistically defined goals to the ` end that the client may become a happier and more productive member of his society. In lay terms counseling can be described as a face to face relationship, having goals to help a client to learn or acquire new skills which will enable them to cope and adjust to life situations. The focus is to help a person reach maximum fulfillment or potential, and to become fully functioning as a person.There have always been counselors - people who listen to others and help resolve any type of difficulties or problems that they may have. (Gladding, 1996) says “To understand what counseling is you must first understand these two concepts Guidance and Psychotherapy”. Guidance is the process of helping people make important choices that affect their lives, such as choosing a preferred life-style and never the less it sometimes distinguishes a way of helping that differs from the more encompassing word counseling. One distinction between guidance and counseling is that while guidance focuses on helping individuals choose what they value most; counseling focuses on helping them make changes. Psychotherapy (or therapy) traditionally focuses on serious problems associated with intrapsychic, internal, and personal issues and conflicts. Counseling contains a number of common points some of what which follows (Gladding, 1996 p.6) Counseling is a profession Counseling deals with personal, social, vocational, empowerment, and educational concerns. Counseling is conducted with persons...
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