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Oct.3th 2012
Self is awareness that a person individual for his own whole existence produced the kind of self-consciousness. And philosophers give it more profound definition. It can be a character, a hobby or an opinion. Everyone has a unique self; like selflessly, selfish, self-abased or self-conceited. Everyone acts different character in his or her life. It all depends on people’s mind. If you want to be what kind of person, then you will be.

Self is personal and independent, you are only yourself, and you can’t be others. People can lose a part of the body, to change their career, sober or dead drunk, but he still thinks that he is the same person. Also, others can’t influence your own mind, even if you adopt other’s advice, it just because YOU feel worthy of the adoption for this opinion. A Chinese educator once said: “Drop of your own blood, stream your own sweat, do your things by yourself, If you depend on someone else, you can not be a hero.” You must realize that you are an individual, although you may have a lot of friends and they really help you, there still have something they can’t replace you, you should make your choice by yourself. If you have a strong self, you can think everything by yourself, and to prove your own ideas is correct through practice. When you with independent thoughts, you will not be a people who receive confuse by others easily. You will also take the initiative to learn some useful knowledge and skills to improve yourself. Make yourself can be very good to adapt the social. Aside the material things, no one can take away something that you earn by yourself, in the same way, you can’t get something without thinking by yourself from everyone.

Self is a consciousness about people’s whole life. Consciousness is directly perceived mental activity, as part of the iceberg above the sea level. It is abstract. Feelings of self-consciousness is not a moment, it runs...
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