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Frances Robinson
English 100
Self-Reflective Essay

Self-Reflective Essay

In my portion of the presentation I tried to give my audience background knowledge on

Kevin Hart because some people may or may not know him and if I wouldn’t have told my

listeners the background of his life and who he is, it would have left them confuse and still

wondering who this man was. In my presentation I wanted to break down his life from

beginning to end. There was so much research I had to share with my audience I did not know

where to begin. During my portion of the presentation I tried to put the events in order by year

or how they happened so when I present them to my classmates it wouldn’t look like my

portion was all over the place, so my biggest focus was to be organized and teach my audience

about Kevin Hart.

During this whole assignment I learned that teaching others about someone else life is

hard compared to teaching them about your own personal life. While working on this

assignment I learned that you will never know how much a person has been through until you

read their biography. Because the person they are today is not the person they were years ago.

Kevin Hart shows no emotions when he talks about his family struggles, its almost like his numb

to hurt because he has been through so much in his 32 years of living, so he jokes about the

things him and his family been through. When during this portion of the assignment I learned that

Kevin Hart doesn’t just attract the African American culture, but he attracts other cultures such

as Caucasians, Mexicans, Asians, etc. When listening to his jokes I learned that the things he

jokes about the I could relate to because my family did similar things that Kevin Hart


I contributed a lot when writing my essay. I did outlines, watched Kevin’s videos,

constantly thinking about what I was going to write in my essay and what I was going to present

to my classmates, but than I I chose to write the biography on Kevin Hart because I wanted to

know how he got his start in the Comedy and acting business. I also wrote this essay because I

love hearing the success of other people not just famous people, but people in general. When I

received the instructions for this project I did not know what was required or what Comedian

we should even do our research on, but finally I researched Kevin Hart and brought information

to my group members and they all agreed to do Hart. When writing my essay I began to reflect

back on my life because some people have it way easier than others. It made me realize how

fortunate I was and didn’t have to go through what he did. I related with him because his mom

was a single parent and his dad was in and out of jail, my mom was a single mother as well and

when my dad was younger he was in and out of jail as well, but now it all has changed.

When entering English 100 there was a lot of things I felt that I needed to know such as

grammar, thesis, how to start an essay, etc. But in my English class it was different from all the

other English classes I have taken in college. It challenged my thinking and my ability to write.

As I leave this class there is still a little work that needs to be done as I continue to write. I often

have problems when it comes to run-on sentences, although I have learned about them in the

past they still seem to pop up in several essays that I have written. I try to prevent this from

happening, but it still seems to occurs. But as I continue to write I know that all the problems

with the run on sentences will change it just takes some time and practice. As I continue on my

road of success with more English classes to come I know that the things that was taught in my

English 100 class my Mrs.Ziff will never leave my memory bank....
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