Selection, Replacement and Maintenance of Mill Liner

Topics: Pinion, Rack and pinion, Energy conservation Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Ball mill is mainly composed of a barrel body, lining plate, gear and other main components. Mill liners are of high wear resistance and also the replacement of mill liner of ball mill is very important.

Because of the working condition and strength requirements of ball mill, the routine maintenance is very important. Repair for ball mill is a regular work. Repair work will have a direct impact on energy saving ball mill operation rate and life span. In order to detect the defects and eliminate hidden dangers and ensure the normal operation of the ball mill, ball mill should stop working at regular intervals. It is recommended that ball mill should be checked once a month. Make a careful examination of important components such as hollow shaft, the main bearing, cylinder, reducer, gear and pinion and keep detailed records.  

There exists a big difference in product output, quality, varieties and specifications of high added-valued products in ball mill industry. There is also a certain distance in the aspect of new industry, new equipment, new technology development and engineering compared with developed countries. Most enterprises in China are high energy consumption enterprises and all need to be improved in the aspect of environmental protection.

Mine machinery industry has not paid much attention to these problems. Measures should be taken, such as shutting down low value-added, high energy consumption and high pollution products and introducing new products from a long term perspective.

With the development of ball mill technology, there appear varieties of mill liner. In order to get a better development of ball mill, the selection, replacement and maintenance of ball mill is very important. As a professional grinding steel ball manufacture, KAIYUAN COMPANY is specialized in liner plate which gained reorganization from customers.
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