Selection and Recruitment

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Recruitment and selection are key activities for Greenfield sites, the aim being to select a new workforce which will meet the requirements of the company. Recruitment represents the bridging point between the world of employment and the academic world and also represents the first contact of the applicant with organization. The recruitment and selection situation is a vital one for the parties. The shortage of time for first interviews is a reflection of the Appointments Board System. Often referred as green labor, the new plants employees will not necessarily be starting their first job, but typically they will not have worked for that the company before and will not have worked in the same industry. As a result, employees will not have pre-conceived ideas about how things should be done. Recruiting is the activities used to obtain a sufficient number of the appropriate people at the right moment; its objective is to choose those who best fit the needs of the company. Reasons swift recruiting includes: * Some companies have rules demanding campaigns from within, work under unions protocol, or award wee wages, which makes hiring and keeping workers tough or subject to external restrictions and influence. * The stress on corporate culture, team work, and participative management makes it vital to hire individuals who are skilled and fit the beliefs and governance flair of the union.

* Most of the time, people with the appropriate skills are never available, for this part, workers need be hired and trained internally. * The geographically area or location of the business can make recruiting difficult. For instance, if a business is in a small city, it may be difficult to find qualified people within the area to seal fill open positions. * Globalization is putting extra challenge as firms grow into abroad markets, recruiting extra complex due to the difference in cultures and customs. Since recruiting is a difficult task that involves finding, hiring and training people who are appropriate technical and social firm, human resource managers turn to many sources for assistance. Sources are classified as either internal which include employees who are already within the firm and may be transferred of promoted; such prospects are known as internal candidates. Another form of internal sources would be employees recommending others for hire. Using internal sources reduces expenses as compare to recruiting from outside the company. The advantage of internal sources is it maintains and even boosts employee. Recruiting qualified employees may be problematic for little businesses because they do not always have enough staff members in service. The lack of enough staff as internal sources and may not offer the competitive compensation that attracts external candidates. Online tools for recruiting employees can be tremendously helpful in this case. External source includes people who are not currently working within the company. Some of the ways external candidates get hired is through online or print advertisements, public and private employment agencies, college placement bureaus, management consultants, professional’s organizations, referrals and walk in applications. Selecting employees

Selection is the process of gathering information and deciding who needs be hired, basing on legal procedure, for the interests of the individual and the organization. Selecting and training employees involves the following. A typical selection process involves six steps:

* Obtain complete application forms. These forms help the employer discover the applicant’s educational past, career goals, previous work skill and other credentials directly linked to the qualifications of the work. * Conduct initial and follow up interviews. A staff member from the resource sections often sieves applicants during their first interview. In case the interviewer regards the applicant a probable employee, the manager...
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